A Quick Detour Through the Local Market

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Author Ingberlach
Tags agd author:ingberlach experimental rated
Created 2010-05-31
Last Modified 2010-05-31
by 5 people.
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Description Playtested by Sept, Lsudny, and Rozer.

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It stops the flow. all of the craziness in this map is supposed to emulate taking a "Detour through the local market."


a spectacular map. 5aved




actually, considering it's a drone train, two wouldn't do the same job as four. I didn't like the rockets. The second one was useless and the first one, or, rather, the whole first room I found unnecessarily hard.
Demo Data


Demo Data


both rockets were amazing, which balances out the drone train randomness.
Sloppy and awkward, a bit annoying. It doesn't look good. Drone train sucks - two drones would do the same job as four. Though dodging the rockets was fun.



i loooove the objects