Chinese Art

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Author Oleary15
Tags action author:oleary15 fun good great puzzle unrated
Created 2010-05-31
Last Modified 2010-05-31
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Kinda looks Chinese? Not being racist or stereotypical, just saying it kinda does. Go ahead and fire back if you disagree.

Anyway, a pretty fun level, go ahead and give it a shot! It's a bit of a puzzle/action level, so RCE!

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Nice tiles..
but other than that an okay jump puzzle map.

nah, I see it

it looks like the art in the palace from Mulan. :3
Not to be stereotypical or racist or anything. :P

haha nice

Demo Data

I think you look chinese, not being stereotypical or anthings, just saying you kinda do

you can see where my computer just decided to lag :/ nice map
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