Don't Feel Safe

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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray muse rated
Created 2010-06-02
Last Modified 2010-06-02
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description almost nothing here is practical
theres a warning for each trap
play it safe and smart, see how far you can get on your first try

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This map

is awful.

Really good.

Interesting and one of the most in keeping with the review I've seen so far.

A few qualms:

This still felt very trial and error to me, even with the warnings. Some parts worked very well (the laser, the drones, the mines warning of trapdoors), but I died on almost every FG the first time. That's maybe more to do with my own ability, but they didn't feel as clear as the others and it felt a little imba for it.

I also liked how you didn't subscribe to a heavily done aesthetic. However, I do think this lacks atmosphere a little due to some of the massive empty spaces. Sometimes space compliments, here I think you could really enhance it if you built up some structures in certain places.

My biggest concern was that, while each part was really interesting, there didn't seem to be a sense of /real/ cohesion. It felt a little scattered (especially the end with the thwumps).

However, even with these (imo) flaws I still think this is a front-runner. And even out of the context of the contest it's one of the most interesting maps I've played in a long time.

and Life's demo is nuts
I would like some bounceblocks, but it is already so awesome. 4aved

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Awesome map

I love everything about it.
this should definetely win

crazy map

hope you win
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must... kill.


I will be disappointed if this doesnt win numacon

This should win.

I will cry if it doesn't. Unless I do, of course.


fun map

i figured the laser wouldn't sight me so far down the chute, i was so wrong
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this is ded worthy

seriously i would if i could



50 frames.
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Tricky map, SkyRay. Also, Life get ass on IRC.


Damn I'm good.

I didn't like the topmost floorguard, the floorguard next to the exit switch, or the thwumps in the topleft. I also felt this needed bounceblocks. But it was amazing to play, so it's 4aved.
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There are a few things I'd change though. I would remove the first thwump completely, and the last gold group is tough to collect with the two thwumps there. Also the laser can get a little annoying, especially in the top left area. Really though, this is superb, it has a really great atmosphere and the drone area is awesome.


Its full of traps!
so, i don't give a fuck if mine is very similar to this.

nice work

okay, I'm tired, goodnight
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4th try

this is a fun map, nice work
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lol, I knew id die, but I wasn't expecting traps like those, extremely fun! not sure if it'll last now that I know where things are
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