Society; The Inherent Limitations

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Author el_devo
Tags action author:el_devo muse numacon rated thisisformuse
Created 2010-06-03
Last Modified 2010-06-05
by 10 people.
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Description For muse.

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I used these tiles, here. []

haha nup

  • You told me on one of mine, thanks man (:
cool map

looks really cool :3

Thanks for all of the feedback everyone!

Very fun.

I love this. 5aved.

Very fun.

I love this. 5aved.


that rocket area is madness. Though I suppose it does fit the review quite well.
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i played this so my little nija could fall down and get all those gold peices, which is what made this fun

AGD -1

very nice level. I loved the chaser drones. And the rocket in the bottom right. stunning 5/5
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chaser drone is nuts