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congrats palemoon
happy birthday gloomp
and I doubt anyone who's commented on this page could've made the same. It looks awesome, and it was featured as a birthday present. Get over it.

I agree with yungerkid completely.

mahi is correct.

I forgot to mention that in my last post. It's nice but I do not approve.

not really

this is more like a 'worshiping a user' kind of thing.
i think it's a pretty bad map. the tileset does not look good, and the gameplay is less than uninteresting. i think gloomp's birthday is a notable event, and i think gloomp is a cool guy, but i don't think a feature was the right place to celebrate. and especially not for this map.
The tiles are just okay, rather simple

However, this is a nice gesture.

Happy birthday gloomp!

Im sorry i said my opinion. You shouldn't get mad at me. When you post a map on here and feature it. All your doing is really asking people for their opinion. "Is this a good map? if so why. if not why."


also i have nothing against you, or anyone on this site.

@Aphex_N and Gloomp

Im not like trying to be mean lol.
I believe i have made at least 1 featurable map.
I also believe this. The only people that get features are the already famous authors. I bet if you look at less famous authors. You will find a lot of featurable maps. PALEMOON is one of my favorite authors so i tend to rate nicer than others so do all of you, just because he is known... Once again sorry for just saying my opinion...

it's just

one of those 'hey we're all friends let's feature each other's maps' kind of thing.

i may be wrong, so don't be too harsh :P

I agree with Aphex.

and to everyone who is whining get over it.

agrees with radium

but its not really funny.
If you were actually as good at tilesets as this, you would be very well known, mapping-wise. Correlation does not equal causation. Famous authors get famous by making good maps, and then these maps get featured. You may be right, though, if you had made this it might not have been featured. I barely know you, so I (or ChrisE) might not have seen it until ChrisE had already put up his planned featured of Armageddon Shelter.

Gods Reaper,

it's a birthday present for an extra cool dude. Features have become a way of not only showcasing the best of NUMA (which is ///subjective///) but of bringing the community together for important events, fun-shit and community jokes.

Now, the thing is, I would be as pissed off as you God Reaper if this occured every day. However it doesn't; these feautures (especially this in particular) are done out of kindness and a feeling either to let the community know something or liven this place up. THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY WITH THESE MAPS. There is nothing remotely malicous about it. I don't understand why you get worked up when these features only appear occasionaly and 9 times out of 10 they have a meaning.

As the philosopher 'kool-aid' once pointed out "chill dudes".


if i had made this EXACT map and posted it for your birthday. Like Amlt said. I would have got all 1 stars and no one would ever even think of featuring it...
Im not trying to be mean if i was.

yo dudes,

1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLOOMP <333. The mystery of the crushloader unveiled! Who would have guessed that you, gloomp, were the man behind the magic? Not me :3 (mainly 'cause of chancery lane kerfuffles)

2) @Toasters: xD

3) Pretty sweet tiles PALEMOON. I'm a little dissapointed at the lack of girls/breasts/tits/wait-I-said-that-one/boobs

4) Happy birthdayt gloomp!

5) Happy bitrhdat gloomp!

6) Amilate?
As has been touched upon far too many times to count in the past, quality is entirely subjective, so just because you didn't like it doesn't mean it shouldn't have been featured.
I think the fact that pretty much everyone who commented on this before you included some wish a happiest day of birth indicates that, surprisingly enough, most of the community does care that it's my birthday. I'm really a little hurt that you've decided to take this perfectly nice gift of palemoon and ChrisE's and turn it into some some sort of Offense Against NUMA. I know you've always been more than a little ridiculous about the perceived sanctity of reviews, but this is more than a little over the line. People like you are why NUMA can't have nice things.

No, Gloomp

The map sucks. It's not fun. I gave it a 0.
I was heavily complained at when I reviewed a 12-hour old map, back when I was a reviewer. That map was twenty-fold better than this.
This map was featured even quicker than that map I featured and yet has received no such complaints. This community is too separated, and this feature is a good example of why I now only visit NUMA just once every week or so.

No offense Gloomp, but I don't care if it was your birthday or not... Nor, I highly doubt, do most of the people who will see this map featured.

If this exact map was made by a barely known mapmaker, it wouldn't have been featured. Equally, if this exact map was made about a barely known forumer's birthday, it wouldn't have been featured.
The same goes for the reviewer. If the review was written by a not well-known reviewer, they would've no doubt been told off for it.

this is funny

but RadiumFalcon does not approve
just "one of the guys" and not standing out, you could always go to forums, or irc, do stuff with the community and make a name for yourself and soon you will be one of those "big names". As for the map, not palemoon's best tileset, actually one of his worst. The gameplay was cool for being so sparse. So yea decent map, decent feature. but since our rating system doesn't have a "decent" rating I guess I must go 2.5^
Faved again.
Demo Data
Maps mean nothing here.

It's all about who you are.
doesnt mean it has to be featured. (No Offence Atob)
The map its self in my opinion isnt good...


I suppose the map reviewed doesn't have to be good, and the review itself doesn't have to be good. all that matters is who made it.
carry on. maybe there will be another parade. a pony parade.

Argeed with AMLT

But Happy Birthday gloomp
But DAMN, look at those tiles. I am abandoning my faith to worship PALEMOON from now on.
Demo Data

Happy birthday glmox!

wrong demo

here we go >:D
Demo Data

Happy Birthday!

hey swipenet

i believe this agd is fastest :D
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