The Olympics - Trampoline High Jump

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Author macaddict_17
Tags author:macaddict_17 playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-11-29
by 5 people.
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Description This one is tough, I hope.

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I am a cheater....

You could have made it impossible to scale the walls...
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If this isn't hard. I had to test on a really slow computer this time, so it lagged alot.


Not too hard for someone reared on the super n sereis, but still fun. *fave*

the trick is to MOVE WHEN YOU LAND ON THE BLOCKS. helps loads.
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see the thing is, i cant jump for S**T.. so i cheated and still finished it

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funny thing is, this was suppost to be harder. but i couldnt beat 50m hurdles or ski jump and i beat this.


not bad, although i would have liked the exit button a little higher, perhaps a tile and a half. to make it a serious challenge.
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