Descending From Heaven

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Author wumbla
Tags author:wumbla nreality rated wumbla
Created 2010-06-03
Last Modified 2010-06-03
by 5 people.
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Description USE NREALITY
1.smaller mines to prevent them from exploding when you hit the back of the tiles.
2.larger gold to get the gold faster in th gauss and rocket towers
3. changed gauss close/middle/far speed so from medium and far the crossheir is slow and close its very fast.
4.The rocket turns slightly slower and the rockets maximum speed is slightly slower.
5. the drones are slightly smaller and faster
6. smaller launchpads for aesetics.

have fun

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Cool mods.

I love the use of drones. 4.


Finally the GOLD is the better of the MINES!


AGDD. The drone area is the best, it just works really well, and is quite tense with the above enemies occasionally firing at you.
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Slow Speed

Pretty cool gameplay
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