Vampire in the sun

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru experimental muse playable rated ruins sun
Created 2010-06-05
Last Modified 2010-06-05
by 10 people.
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Description Dance into the light. For muse.

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Race-ish starting, nice gold curve, using thwumps as doors is succesful.

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interesting map
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really close, man.
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yes i did


well, i tried

nice. 4/5
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me likey


noobs, there's a simple way to get all the gold :P

Agree with Crescor.

Um... 3, cause it looks awesome. May I use this tileset? <3
Same for the circle of gold.
Actually, I'm not really a fan of this map.


This is cool. I was originally going to say that the rockets were overwhelming, but it's actually quite fun to try and outwit them. I also like how you reused the thwumps from the bottom in the top section. I'm not sure I like how the floorguards interact with the one-ways, and I wasn't too keen on how the one-ways at the top, they're too limiting imo.
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Loved this. 5aved.
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