Aliens part II

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Author amconline
Tags action aliens author:amconline image-map imagemap playable rated
Created 2010-06-08
Last Modified 2010-06-10
by 5 people.
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Description Aliens saga
Part II

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4/5, can't wait for the next one

Another hit

I'm a pain ol sucker for image-maps. Great work with this one, too!

I thought about it

but when I tried to see how to change the images for the drones and Fg, it appeared so complex that I had to forget about it, for now. I may put some wall floorguards in the next sections, I'll give a try... ^^

I liked the top floorgaurd section and the laser bit. The image is pretty cool. I wish more had been done with objects though; how cool would it be if the floorguards were little facehuggers scuttling around?


I'll do my best for the next maps gameplay.
the gameplay isn't able to match the good image work, though. However, well done!

pretty good

though my green ninja became hard to see down the bottom. i liked the tension of the top section muchly
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