House of wax

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru honeycomb playable puzzlish rated retile retile2
Created 2010-06-11
Last Modified 2010-06-15
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Behave well in the Beehive. For the retile2 contest.
original map [] by el_devo

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Amazing drone using! Gold patterns and placement is useful too. Loved this one.

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Weil mich die freundliche Community so rührt.
Das Mappack habe ich bereits angefangen und die ersten 8 Maps gespielt. Leider hab ich im Moment wenig Zeit für anderes und bitte um etwas Geduld.


in a day or two?

nice puzzle.

this was fun to go through, with the drones and all.

mibbit died on me

:/ typical of it, imo.


AGD. Really great map. Awesome use of the drone that almost blocks the ending.
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+10 respect!
I'm not really angry or offended at all; just a little flustered that you could be so devious ;)
I suppose I shouldn't complain, since I chose my map with 15 lasers as one of my entries :P

Again, sorry if I upset you; I know it's hard to detect when someone is being serious or not over the internet, and I was most definitely being light-hearted rather than actually offended or angry ;)


so THATS why u rated it ;d
thanks for rating tho

sub-100 AGD

What it doesnt have in aesthetics it makes up for in gameplay.
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very amusing


fast agd

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I used Hexagons too!
this is the original map []

slow second try AGD

nice dude :D
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Cool retile. Good use of what you were given, especially unifying it with one theme. Thumbs up.
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