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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags action author:im_bad_at_n rated thwumps
Created 2010-06-12
Last Modified 2010-06-12
by 5 people.
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Description An old action map I found saved in my folder from last April. Enjoy.

EDIT: Removed rocket.

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I'm at the time in my life, where half birthdays, or half special occasions don't mean as much to me anymore, like 250 versus 200 or 300. In all actuality I do believe this is my 250th, but as the map is, its obvious I celebrated it just as much as 249. ;)

this is

ur 250th map i think
of course, it's going to be aweful, BUT STILL I'M SO EXCITED!

Agree with Fanatic.


Quite fun

So I can't see the rocket, but I'm pretty sure I would have found this funner as it is now :)

Good work, 4aved.

nice gamplay

but the rcket ruined it for me.
This is pretty awesome. Well, I don't like the second part (with the drone snake) very much. I'd prefer it without the rocket. But the first part is amazing. Seriously. I love that you incorporated a race aspect into it. 4/5 (a really strong 4/5.)
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