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Author GRN
Tags action author:grn drone easy grn laser rated
Created 2010-06-12
Last Modified 2010-06-12
by 7 people.
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Description Yo

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Very nice level I agree with the others, almost everything was timed great. (I really liked the rocket part.) 4/5 From me


Those rockets were to much for me. Just couldn't time them right. But I agree with knate's laser theroy. Very well done there. Considering I've only finished 5 columns (6 if you include Nreality), I'd say this would be good fun for an advanced player. 4/5.

Oh, and that first launchpad scaired the crap outta me :P


i do have a thing for flowy action maps, and this is definitely one. the beginning is splendid, fast-paced, hard. the perfect route leaves no room for error. the enemies are well placed, although the gauss is REALLY annoying (in a good way). the rockets work well. now the bad part. the gold on the far right is unnecessary, a big drop in difficulty, and destroys the flow completely. the tileset looks decent but not mind-blowing. the object placement is somewhat sloppy, especially the one-ways which are in some places spaced out and in others close together.

the fact that i played this map for at least 20 minutes makes me wanna give it a 5, yet there are in my opinion some obvious flaws which bump the rating down to a 4. still, a very enjoyable, fun, goodlooking map. just misses the final touch.

semi-fast AGD:
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Incredible map.

The lasers timed perfectly on every jump, and the rockets were placed so incredibly. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I hope everyone does.