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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray featured rated
Created 2010-06-12
Last Modified 2010-06-12
by 10 people.
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Description no problem

This map was featured on 2011-08-04

A lot of you will be confident the first time you play this map.
I know that I was.
But, I was wrong to be.

You see maps with rooms full of rockets, with a chaingun or five, and you run around them as though they were nothing but children.
One rocket...
You get taken apart.

Take those first tentative steps into a world you know nothing about.
A world of one enemy.
A world of pain. — ChrisE

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whats the system preference called on the mac book to change the keys to get objects

i can get tiles but i can't get the objects
You can easily make maps with NED on a Mac, you just need to use KeyRemap4MacBook.
You then use this app (actually a System Preference pane) to change the Page Up key (which is FN+UP on a Macbook) to "PC Insert". There you go, now you can place objects.
FN+delete is also the equivalent of the Delete key needed to access the tile menu in NED.

Get a $5 usb keyboard off eBay.

I have got a mac laptop and i cant use delete or numblock or insert what do i do


Tried switching on caps lock there, buddy?

And now i can't move at all on the game when im trying to play a user level

Dude how do you make a map

Still not enough attention. Tell your friends. :>


loven those tiles
but my mistake-prone nature wouldn't allow that.

mehmo (agd)
Demo Data

has inspired me


I think this map is more about the one ways then the missile ^^
Getting the middle gold was epic
for True Religion. This map is full of consumerism.

Demo Data


good use of that one rocket.
Kind of like a pseudo Plue.

nice map

I like the top gold, and thee placement of the rocket was great. 4