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Author wumbla
Tags action author:wumbla rated wumbla
Created 2010-06-13
Last Modified 2010-06-13
by 7 people.
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And the difficulty is variable depending on your challlenge. you are like the god using half tiles. 5aved


this is like an old mustardude map... ah the memories.

5'd for nostalgia


A bit too hard because of chaingun drones, but it's a very solid map anyway. 4aved.

ZOMG so good

I love the precision jumps and stuff. this should be featured. the chainguns paths, the mines, the jumps. :P
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I got a little confused about where to go =P but fun map. 3/5
Demo Data
I thought the chainguns made it hard to find a good path though. 3/5