Love Generation

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Author FailN
Tags author:failn featured generation ninjas rated tile-set wm
Created 2010-06-13
Last Modified 2010-06-13
by 15 people.
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Description FIFA WM!!!

This map was featured on 2013-03-05

Open your hand, what do you see?

Is this a trick?

No. Tell me.

I... I see the future, the past... myself folding inwards; molecules colliding and worlds departing. The universe reborn on waves of cosmic splendour!

Perhaps you are ready, after all...*

*Unlike this "review", this tileset is utterly unpretentious and effortlessly effective. — astheoceansblue

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Funny I was on vecation again XDD

heh, since kyozo's comments were deleted it looks like atob is mocking me instead of him.



great choice atob!

At least

we're all talking again....


the poem's great, but I got different vibes off the tileset. Something more humanist.
I'm a two time transsexual
I used to be a woman
Before that
I was a black man
They called me
Bono McJackson
A peach
with a grapefruit
is fine
but a grape
with a lemon
is clementine.

That was legit original.
Here is a speedrun:

ps. atob, don't be sad, this is a great tileset, I just think we are confused since it is a bit out of the ordinary atm. Good job anyway ;D
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Demo Data

there's something you're not getting
but I really don't see why this map could ever be featured. The tiles are neat but there is absolutely nothing to this map. Great feature, though.


nailed it. it is a nice map, and is feature worthy because all maps are feature worthy (see below), but imho there are some maps that may be more feature worthy than others.

hey there everyone!
all maps are feature worthy
this one included.

roses are red
violets are blue
i like butts

i wrote a poem

i forgot
the snarky


rate 5 plz
it's not accurate enough to be eye-striking (the fault of the default tile shapes), and leaving it at just a nice idea for a tileset that wasn't fully executed (and could've had a map built on it to compensate, but didn't) is disappointing.
that my opinion matches yours before I choose my next feature!


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shame it isn't any fun to play. i do like the tiles though.
Yes, I think so. Much more so than a good deal of the recent features, imo.



what those guys are saying. nice map, but good enough for the front page of numa? :/ 3.5/5 down because featured maps get greater critique from me


Demo Data

I chose it

before I wrote the review...

I honestly think it's a great tilset.

Not everyone is going to like it, that's pretty normal.

this is kinda cool

but I've got a feeling that it's featured only for the review itself. it's well composed. but that's it ;P


I know what I like and I like this a lot.

That's pretty much it.
It's a nice idea but it's not very pretty.

Demo Data
kicks an overall 3 up to a 4.



I like this

a lot.


i like the idea!!!
yet i cant eat it, sadface
but i guess its okay since your still new, 4/5