Young Children Playing With Matches

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Author Ingberlach
Tags action agd author:ingberlach potatochips rated
Created 2010-06-13
Last Modified 2010-06-13
by 10 people.
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Description Playtested by Rozer, Invalid, and Vyacheslav.

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This is fun. I did a pretty cool rocket dodge near the start ^_^
I agree, the tiles look great.
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gameplay really fun, tiles seemed weird but they grew on me. 4.5/5 i'll round up for you


I loved the left hand side. The right hand side was cool, though the flow meant that it was a bit repetetive to replay. Still, good map, 4
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i saw 3 onions... ¬¬
is this an entry into potatochips by any chance?
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I don't care how much or how little.

Rockets in confined spaces = my nightmare.
I love it, though there are a bit awkward parts. 4.5aved anyway.


looks amazing.
and despite what i said about too much gold, i picked most of it up just by playing the level, so well placed.