Dark Time Sunshine

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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang playable race rated
Created 2010-06-15
Last Modified 2010-06-15
by 15 people.
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Description I never mean to make a race when I open N, but lately they're all I can do.

Depending on what you guys think I might take the chaingun out. Have fun.

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hey wulfgang

thanks for the comment. (: Idk if you play many of my maps, but im kind of notorious for making some of the easiest maps on NUMA haha. You're a huge inspiration to me, I just thought I should let you know. :D

Thanks guys

Destiny, romaniac - those demos are phenomenal.

The flow was really hard to find but after finding it it flowed quite well

abstract, maybe

but this is more like linear/flowy action.

@Iban: you don't like this? You have mentioned many times you love abstract races :S

This is awesome, but not your best in my opinion though.
Apart from the awesome flow, this looks great.

If this is a race, then I would have to rate 2.5/5 max. The flow is only.. flowy a few times, others it feels like it tries to work, like when you hit the 2 tile and fall near the rocket, more than half the time I went too far and missed the hole towards the chaingun. And the start.. idk what that is, but it doesn't feel like a race to me..

So I agree and understand what r_t is going at. but it doesn't grow on me like lightning said. :P

2.5/5 .. rounded up because it is a rather nice tileset.

I like this map.

It doesn't seem racey but does have some flow to it. I think it passes better as an action map if you add or remove some mines. That chaingun could misfire sometimes after getting past the rocket. For the most part, I liked it. I do see where r_t is coming from though. The flow grows on you and it feels better the more you play.
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The flow is nearly impossible to find.

didn't get the flow

here is a little speedrun ;)
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you played my map and critiqued it magnificently, so I think it's only fair I return the favour. loved the descent 2nd from the left. the trap doors were funky. Chain gun worked well for the most part. 4/5


God damn that took some going.
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Pretty damned awesome
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5aved without hesitation, this might be your best yet.
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