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Author wumbla
Tags author:wumbla featured nreality rated wumbla
Created 2010-06-16
Last Modified 2010-06-16
by 15 people.
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Description nwirklichkeit (nreality)

This map was featured on 2010-10-20

You are a crook, and this building is being robbed, beginning now. With gold practically begging to be stolen and about fourteen guards who won’t do crap about it, this should be a walk in the park, right? Wrong. Most of the floors and walls are lined with mines and will kill you. The gold is guarded better than you had originally thought.This simple map from the genius named "wumbla" will rock your face off.

None of you thieves are getting out of here tonight. — al__cair__raheakallan

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It's cool.

So fun,

I don't even care that it's too hard. 5
I failed 10 times in a row at the end, but whatever.
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The rest of the keys.
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Left center switch
Demo Data
I hit the corner-jump but still can't reach the door.

Warning: stop watching this demo after I get the switches. It will save you like 10 minutes of your life.
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Is there like a lower gravity mod or something using nreality? These jumps are crazy hard!
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Well done wumbla, and congrats.

Thanks :D

Neat map. I would give this a 4 but since this is your first feature, I'll give it a 5. Congratulations! :D


Well that was before I knew about this feature :O 

quote = wumbla

"hate making maps because recently, they've been completely ignored. I guess I just have to face the fact that I'm not as great as a mapper anymore, I've been around longer than the beggining of NUMA and I still haven't gotten a bitesize, feature or anything at all. I even got 5th place in Numacon and that map is still unrated. I have just decided that N is a complete waste of my time."

you bastard.


Thanks ACR



" Most of the floors and walls are lined with mines and will kill you."

I love that line. xD


I hope.


Will be featured. I guarantee it.


this is awesome.


start on the collab :P


you can start if you want :3

nwirklichkeit :D

Man sollte es besser nicht übersetzen^^

Idea: 4/5
Completion: 3/5

Rating: 4/5

My Speedrun..
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Awesome mod.

Gameplay is a bit choppy, though. Still great job, I really love the tileset. 4.5aved.


how do i create those "fake" drones?


pretty tough.
Good idea, but it is a pity that none of the keys require the drones to get them.
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