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Author da_man894
Tags action author:da_man894 mines playable rated rocket
Created 2010-06-16
Last Modified 2010-06-16
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description A race will soon follow this. Post your demos. Try to get an agd.

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it is really quite difficult. Everything seems to be placed to suit the rocket.


I played this when it was first on Hot Maps, played it again now and it hasn't gotten any easier. Though I did manage an AGD this time around.
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ish demo, but cool map! welcome back too :]
Demo Data



What's up

I love your maps and this is no exception, 5aved


I'll be sure to check out your maps as well.


you probably don't know me, but I've played almost all your maps and they're bloody fantastic
There are a lot of new people who I don't know (who also probably haven't seen any of my races either) though.

oh and nice

tileset :D

i don't

think ive been this annoyed trying to get an agd in a long time, and I still didn't get a decent one. Haha good use of the rocket 4.5^


It's been a while...

I'm having some trouble getting an AGD, tomorrow I will :P

Ok, I was just curious.

Its in the making

And at the moment, I really don't know.

Wooah! Really?
How soon after this?