Come closer

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Author amconline
Tags action author:amconline playable unrated
Created 2010-06-16
Last Modified 2010-06-16
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Description and tell me.

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The mechanics are well done, and the gold had a simplistic air to it, since it is all placed in safe spots. Following the train of drones was fun to, and great tiles. But, the drones did get annoying when you slipped or tryed to make a few fast jumps.
So overall, 4/5.

Good work amcon

I know it can be done alot faster (swiftness ftw) but you still did it. Next map will be a ded; and I'll play some of yo' maps now.

I'm not. !

I hate soccer.
If we fail (and we're going to fail), that's good : they'll stop talking about soccer that much. I'm just fed up with it.

I'm very sorry

for what happened to France tonight.



not that hard...
Demo Data
Demo Data
here's how to pass this.
Demo Data
when you're near the exit switch. It's such a big difficulty spike.