Skin O' My Teeth

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Author GRN
Tags action author:grn birthday epic grn race rated
Created 2010-06-18
Last Modified 2010-06-18
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Birthday Map!

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I truly enjoy this! Apart from the upper right corner, pure flow of good. 4.6

Thanks everyone!

doubt anyones ever gonna look at this again.
in 1000 frames. In that viil collab there are 6 over 1300 frames. So technically, I've used a lot less launchpads. And if i'm honest, Viil placed 5 of them :P
Your birthday is my NUMA anniversary (NUMA-versary, if you will.) I loved that first bounceblock.
Happy Birthday!^^

Happy Birthday!! :)

happy birthday !

1 or 2 less launchpads would have been better.

Nice race.

Just too many launchpads. Looks cool and has good flow, though, 4aved.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday

The map was pretty good other than the excessive launch pads. 4/5

Horrible demo below; killed by rocket
Demo Data

Happy Birthday!

A good race, but too many launchpads. Launchpads can make for some great flow, and i'm guilty myself of spamming them, but if you overload on them the race gets a very artificial feel to it.
Demo Data


1000 frames...

This seems a lot short than 1000.
Demo Data