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Author ENT474
Tags 100 author:ent474 unrated wooooo
Created 2010-06-18
Last Modified 2010-06-18
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Map Data

Description i've decided to get this 100 map off my back by doing as many accomplishments as possible with as little quality as possible (so don't rate this map).
1st N-art
1st z-snap usage in map
1st jump-only dda
10th survival
1st map using drone trains.
1st J-beginning e-only map
1st Hybrid
1st off-axis symmetric
That's it probably
Check out my other maps (please)/RCE
I have things coming up, with not enough time to make a good enough map for number 100 (like at all)

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Like shooting fish in a round-shaped box 00-0: Tiptoeing (more like stumbling) 00-1: Green is the new Blue 00-2: Bang. I know I have an afro 2. 99


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It's pretty good. Okay. 4.


Happy 100th map! I'm sure you'll make bunch of hundred maps! Go ENT474 go!
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Shit, double post.

Sorry. ;p

I don't know

really :(.

Score: 214.200

This could have been better. It looks like you whipped it up in 3 minutes. IMO, its better to spend time on it. My 100 took a few hours (mainly cos of the image)
But if this is what you like, then I'm not stopping you. 3/5.

Btw, whats up with your profile? 99 maps? Did you delist one?
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