Gravitation Beat

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Author Mega_Duff
Tags author:mega_duff gravity ihatehyphens nreality rated supermariogalaxy2gobuyitnow timingiscrucial
Created 2010-06-19
Last Modified 2010-06-19
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Get the beat, play in Nreality, sequel to that "Regravitation" Map by me, Go buy Super Mario Galaxy 2, it's awesome, optional AGD, timing is good, Enjoy!

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Here you go.
Demo Data

Another speedrun

Your good with these gravity mods...
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i'm stuck man/

little help?
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im sorry, what was fastest?
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Demo Data

Not very playable

Interesting, though.

I'll give you a 4 for those concepts.

you're back

i hope so, man.


I love these. It's like mix of the Beat Block Galaxy and the Right Side Down Galaxy. Faved!
Demo Data