You know what ? I'm mean.

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Author amconline
Tags action author:amconline image-map imagemap playable rated
Created 2010-06-20
Last Modified 2010-06-20
by 5 people.
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Description Use Nreality to enjoy the full image map : []
Here is a screenshot :

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Don't use the white ninja :P


Wow great view! Go amconline go!
add a "|", then the background's url (jpg), then another "|", then the foreground's url (png), then the final #.
here's my tutorial... []
How do you change it, or did you just edit it?


but I thought that the foreground was too bright and overbearing. It was kinda distracting. . .


Mine are much more difficult. Maybe I should have tried again...

a lot faster AGD

difficult map ?! ^.^
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I forgot to upload my AGD.
Maybe there are some clues for some jumps... ^^
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Difficult map. The jumps were awkward and hard to preform. Maybe that was the point of the map, though. You must have worked hard on the image, and that wall on the left. Also, it wasn't incredibly annoying. 3.5^
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