Tis a sideways arrow.

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Author ENT474
Tags author:ent474 macaroni unrated
Created 2010-06-21
Last Modified 2010-06-21
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Description **PRESS H BEFORE LOADING** (and it would be nice if you didn't look at the thumbnail.)

I like this map.

Note: The arrow has fallen out of repair. It seems that the restorer repaired a broken spot hastily and painted over it. EXPLOIT THE SPOT

Another Note: The gold motherlode things - one pixel-thing up down left and right, and one in middle.

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Nearly maxed. Anyway. NReality 0th. 53f - That's Speed! sayko ;)
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On NReality ... Erm.
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for you who dont have Nreality...
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72 on Nreality =D

Alrighty then...

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