Dr. Kawashima`s brain training

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Author brainstone
Tags author:brainstone braintraining featured presshbeforeloading puzzle rated
Created 2010-06-21
Last Modified 2010-06-21
by 22 people.
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Description ---Presss H before loading---

Now offered as a special version with extra motivation grade which guarantees you`re concentrating...
DED to whoever can find THIS concept in any sooner map from NUMA.

This map was featured on 2012-11-13

Good morning! Today, we'll jump right into the evaluations. I hope you've eaten hearty, for this morning we'll be dining in hell giving your ninja-brain a good workout! You ninjas are all so headstrong and impatient anyway, it'll do you good to slow down and pay attention to your surroundings (and it'll do ME good to watch you plunge to your explosive death a few times) have fun! — PALEMOON

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thanks for the compliment, made my day (:

Fun concept map.

demo, first try in a long time. I forgot about this map.
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wish he was still around


Faster legit one.
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Fastest legit one. Improvable though. Very fun map to play :D
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Very cool

Great concept executed pretty decently.





Demo Data
before loading! ;p;


I liked this map's style. If you wanna go fast, you have to think fast.

Act fast.

Rate fast.

AGD not so fast.
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Demo Data

This demo is fast

as hell :). AGAADD (All Gold And All Doors Demo)

bit late
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Cool beans.
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I could imagine it as start of a braintraining series. I would like that.


hop to it, you're late son. :(


to me.
Nice map, a well deserved 5/5


I like it.




Really nice map but the top part isn't so nice to play...

Clearly everyone doesn't include me then, Mr. Grumpy-pants =\

Slow AGD

Demo Data

..Maybe two.

Although the middle part is actually completely unnecessary if you're skilled enough. It would have been much improved by an extra tile's length of door floors.

yeah, I know

that`s why I made you cross only 5 times.

sort of annoying

3rd try
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errr... mental. I should actually train myself with that brain training more often. ;)