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Author blackson
Tags action author:blackson featured puzzle rated
Created 2010-06-22
Last Modified 2010-06-22
by 17 people.
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Description Puzzle? Dunno. On that note, I don't know where this came from or if I like it O.o

This map was featured on 2011-01-07

Blackson sure has a way with words. His titles convey what his maps are all about. aef'ksdf uses his skill as a conceptualist to draw out a player's inner ninja.

Getting the gold first is a must, and the launchpads are both helpful and hindering. The tileset's base is perfect for launching yourself to new heights, and Blackson is aiming for the sky.

I wouldn't class it as a puzzle, and I don't care where it came from. All I do know is that I love this map, and I wouldn't be surprised if you love it too. — ChrisE

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Nah he's just taking things too seriously as usual.

5aved, btw. Excellent concept and almost-as-good execution. Good choice.
But after the roster not being active for 6 days, I presume that people are away on holidays over Christmas and reviewing was generally not active. Plus I don't usually flick through all those replies to see if ChrisE has changed his mind. Its still a bit rough on RF IMO.

Here. []

He did post later saying he was quitting, but still changed his mind well before the seventh.


Where did ChrisE say he was down for the 7th on NYE?

Two things.

1. Chrissakes, Radium. Do some research /before/ you say something stupid.

2. superstardomx: Chris claimed the seventh on New Year's Eve. He's going to feature something on that day whether or not we have a queue.

3. Chris, next time just claim the 8th instead, or take one of superstardomx's spots. No need to cut short a feature when there's fourteen empty queue spots.


Noone had been featuring anything for 3 days, so naturally when I did not know the queue was up I reviewed RF.
I was stepping in for another feature because the roster had not been up until the sixth. I didn't take anyone's spot on purpose.


i see now that superstardom did the wrong day.


in the future, hopefully things are run a little more smoothly.


nice map btw!


I'm quite upset that my map was up for two hours. My first feature in 7 months and you bump it off after two hours. what the hell, man?

we have maps up for days and you decide that two hours is enough??

What the fuck is that?!?!
slamming the keyboard with his ass? lol


sweet map
Demo Data

Great feature.

I love this! 5/5 and faved!

looool fail ending, grats on feature
Demo Data

Actually ive changed my mind: this map is awesome. 5/5.



I faved this ages ago.

Yes very pointless and stupid name. The maps alright thou :P

Remember it.

Still sticking to my previous comment.

great choice.

I could've sworn I already commented on this :p


rolling in the features lately. Thanks all!


This map is awesome! but, I want to ask you, (seen as though I can't get to rocket_thumped) why 2 times, the Forum [] has marked my link to the Toolbar [] as malware ... could you help me?


Demo Data

nice puzzle

i was too distracted by that rocket to do it.


I tried fixing it but I couldn't figure out a way to do so without bastardizing the tile progression I had going so I just left it. I tend to side more towards appearance and aesthetics rather than actual gameplay, which is why my maps usually play terribly.

Cool concept

I don't like how awkward it is moving about the top section, if you could smooth that out this would be stellar.


this is hell of a good idea...

bit faster AGD

I love how you can send the laser to up the top which gives you plenty of time.
Demo Data

Really fun.



slow AGD

weird, fun though. nice one.
Demo Data


fantastic little map
" the trap door laser thing was a beautiful idea."

sexy map :D