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Author crescor
Tags author:crescor rm1 unrated
Created 2010-06-22
Last Modified 2010-06-22
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MITSUBITCHI A Lust Unmatched Rise and shine, mister Freeman You should know that Spot jogging with your dog Little Ghost


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sorry dude

i can't, i'm busy today. maybe tomorrow?

It looks so..

...familiar! Ah! I saw it once on tv.

i like it

you might win this :P.

Like how you kept the feel of the map there, but added a fine touch. 4aved.

Yea, I know :)

It's for the contest Retromorphosis or something. The point is to change metanet maps, and I've putted the tag rm1 in, so I thought that was enough credit.

But yea, creds to metanet

I would have apart from it's crescor so I think he knows.

Insert Obligatory Metanet Credit Statement Here.