Core Overriding

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Author amconline
Tags action author:amconline featured lasers n-reality rated rotating
Created 2010-06-22
Last Modified 2010-06-22
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description Nreality mod : rotating lasers.
Watch out, they're not going the same speed... ^^
Keep an eye on everything !
This map is perfectly symmetrical.

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This map was featured on 2012-06-12

We need you, Mister Bond.

The blueprints were shoved across the table and carefully examined by Mister Bond. He looked up at those he was seated opposite.

Forget it. You can get somebody else.

He forced the plan back at them so hard that it flipped over in the air, revealing that it was, in fact, double-sided.

But you are our only hope.

He couldn't say no now. After all, if he didn't succeed in missions they'd have to find another only hope.

Fine. I'll do it.

The shadow smiled. Mister Bond was as good as dead. — ChrisE

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Thanks ChrisE

You made my day ! :)

Dat trail of gold

How I wish I could pull something like that off...


I love this review! And the map isn't bad either :)

Classic amc.
Not believing.

one of the best maps i've seen with these drones

a different

map :)

Forgive me, but this was the only time I could submit a review today, barring after 10pm this evening. Apologies to wulfgang and kiaora.


Demo Data []

here you go.
and those tiles.


Theres a bit of lag with all those lasers (not for every computer), but still a good concept. 4/5.


xcuse my english...

maps rced for now :

3 for firetamer2, 9 for cucumber, 3 for vankusss, 3 for Ndeavour.
Right now, Vankusss is the faster.

this is


All Gold!
Demo Data
Going to sleep, I'll check your maps tomorrow :)

i reported my comment for abuse with misclick...

ah, and great map, 5


much much faster is possible, but i'm lazy
Demo Data

I like this.

Concept is awesome; execution is a bit too hectic, but still enjoyable. Great tiles and nice gameplay; a simple, but powerful mod. 4aved.

I really like this.


Next AGD

Demo Data

Next AGD

Demo Data


Demo Data


Demo Data
Good range + fast speed = pawnage

ehh it was alright

i likd the concept but all the different speeds made it seem kinda hectic, I didnt like all the keys and doors either 3.5^


Holy crap that was intense.
Demo Data
And the fastest AGD'll get a ded (you have until Sunday).


uh oh

holf yuck

there is so much going on.

completion demo

yo ! :)
Demo Data


Uh oh...