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Author crescor
Tags author:crescor rm1 unrated
Created 2010-06-26
Last Modified 2010-06-26
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Description Retile from Metanet 06-01
Better then my previous one, so this is my submission.

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Always original :3
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they are temporary, otherwise after a year everyone would have a custom title. How is a prize a prize if everyone has it? Ya dig?

Also, awesome avatar. Zappa rules.

haven't seen you on yet :"( i'd like to send the map to you :)


I'm looking for a few people for a collab group for Cheez's contest on the forums, wondering if you want to join. Message me back if your interested


meh, as i recall you were dutch right? do you have msn?

I have a map for you that i would like you to test since im no good at numa anymore =(

Hai :]

Is there some way to send eachother personal messages or something?