Brain Freeze

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Author nevershine
Tags author:nevershine featured megalith rated
Created 2010-06-30
Last Modified 2010-06-30
by 10 people.
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Description I like this one a lot, especially in terms of aesthetics.

from Megalith []

This map was featured on 2010-10-30

Keeping your cool is hard enough in the lightest situations, but it's almost impossible under intense pressure. Nevershine has constructed a tower to terror, a column of calamity, a stack of... uh... stuff.

The floor is as slippery as ice, the walls have about as much grip as an icicle. The best strategy is to think; Plan ahead, then make your move. A chilled mist descends and the snow starts to fall.

This, my friend, is Brain Freeze. — ChrisE

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no probs, chrd.

also, thanks a lot, chris and everyone :)

Sorry, nevershine.

ChrisE has featured your map at 4:30am today which was my review day.
other than that, terrific map.

Demo Data

Very fun

great difficulty

The rocket/drone combo in the top-left quadrant is a pain in the ass :/
except the top right. Really well done map.



Yum Yum

Yum :D

Fucking love

these tiles. so much.


can you playtest the riot map we finished for the collab?

:D just let me know

It's online

our collab is online ! []
You did a great work. ^^

150 []

Incredabladly cool map.

looks nice

not sure i like the play very much. 3

oh, I forgot

please have a look at this map [] and join the contest!


is one of the best packs I've seen so far. this one's a good example for the high quality of your maps. it's not perfect, but you're approaching perfection.

*can't do

Triple post :\
Well, you've seen my feedback on this before. Still love the drone pathing.

Awful AGD

Hold on, let me get a decent demo
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