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Author crescor
Tags author:crescor ghosty rated
Created 2010-07-01
Last Modified 2010-07-02
by 8 people.
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Description You shouldn't have gone there.

FIRST play, then read comments

relisted for bluepretzel, thanks for liking it.

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Damn, you really had dropped off the map. What a happy little coincidence.


First try!
Demo Data


First try with a nice close laser call. It was already clear that somewhere were lasers in the walls.
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Nice man

Love the surprises of the map, really fitting for a haunted house haha. 4

i was scared

Demo Data
Demo Data

Yea dude

that's just you being stupid:)

Pretty Cool

except for that mine (see demo).
Demo Data
Has this awfull eerie feeling...
Good job.
Looks like I indicated some possible traps, but nothing's there. So you'll be aware all the times, and nothing really happens.
untill you get that switch..


I'll make more soon.