Haunted fortress

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Author crescor
Tags author:crescor ghosty nreality rated
Created 2010-07-01
Last Modified 2010-07-01
by 14 people.
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Description Djikstra> Daikenkai/DDRave/Daikstra (ffs-man-stick-to-one-name) made the ghost drone.
Thanks man

Use Nreality

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Nice map!

and i am indeed :o


Sorry. Oh and what happened to that other ghostly map? I liked that one, it was so eerie, hence fitting ;_;

Could you send me a link to it please? I wish to fave it :3

Awesome work

I guess we can expect to see alot of host drones for this....
that the demo that i put up on nreality is exactly 1313 frames. how unlucky :P
Demo Data

Oh never mind

it is not forbidden. I just asked jerrod and he said it's fine.
but it's not like it's faster or anything.

Nice that you found that though.
see my demo. cool map by the way, the ghost is awesome.
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Demo Data
it only makes sense for a ghosty contest
Demo Data
since they didn't specifically disallow it like they did for Copycat.

Oh damndamn

There isn't anything in the rules now regarding nreality, so I thought it was okay to use it. :(
the first purpose of the ghost is to scare you, because it is a fucking ghost and you're supposed to be scared of it. That part was my interpretation of the contest. The rest (laser, thwump, mines, every other enemie, and at last the ghost drone, as some sord of red line through the map) was put there for the gameplay

good fun.

nice avatar i remember that from november :3

first try AGD

I didn't find the ghost drone any threat at all. The enemies felt like they were there to fill up space rather than to pose a threat...
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Hmm, I actually didn't like the use of the ghost drone here. It didn't pose much of a threat until about 3/4 of the way through the map. On the bright side, the layout of the map was very intuitive and I liked the ending. 3.5^
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First try

Demo Data
I'm removing the laser

Awesome ghost drone. Stupid Laser.


best use of ghostdrone i ever seen.



Amazing dude, wish I knew how to make a ghost drone it worked perfectly. Well done!