The Orange Theory

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Author GRN
Tags action author:grn featured ghosty grn hard rated rockets
Created 2010-07-02
Last Modified 2010-07-02
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description Second submission for this months contest.

Fastest AGD will get a ded in my next map.

This map was featured on 2013-03-23

The Orange Theory

This map sure is delicious. First, it introduces itself with an eccentric, yet understandable, title. Then, you begin to play.
Immediately, the blood rushes to your head as you are surprised with a thwump. It pressurizes you into quick action, once you start. The design and structure of the map compliments the gameplay, with rockets nipping at your tail as you edge along the path of gold.

Whew. This map is definitely very delicious. — 123leonidas321

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First time speedrun! Love the beginning.
Demo Data


Demo Data

this looks fun

flag is right though, left pipe looks weird.

why aren't the mines on the left side thematically consistent with the mines in the rest of the map? it's the little things

better speedrun

5 from me.
Demo Data

faved 5

Spell check

doesn't catch grammatical errors like the misuse of comas, unfortunately... ;)


by google chrome auto-spell checker.

You want to?

Awesomesauce. You start. I suck with tiles :/

This is the mod, BTW.


Unfortunately, I have to go and edit my entry. They do know the rocket produces smoke, right? And thats how I time my jumps in the level? :/

Anyway, can't wait to collab! :D


just got a kick in the balls from my demo.
(just like Brazil got from the netherlands)
Demo Data

The start

reminds me a lot of this map []


I got it :)
Demo Data


I'm getting close to it
Demo Data
or whatever those things are.
Demo Data


nobody has gotten an agd in 4 hours.

If i could >>

yeah i guess

i should probably get rid of the tag
At any rate, do you really think not following the theme it all is going to garner any points? I'm trying to give you a tip here.

if you haven't

realised, theres only been like one map that actually is a house.


start was nothing special imo. bottom gold in both areas felt tough to get out of.

and yeah i dont see the haunted house

like it
Between this map and a haunted house. There's such a thing as abstracting an idea too much.


that made me laugh :D

I am Orange, and I approve this map.


5 by me makes it 5 by 5 :o

I have to agree with AMC. 4.5^/5

thats why the

person with the fastest agd gets a ded. I can't even get one on my own map

Agree with Kaylab

<3 start
tiles are cool too
A little too many mines for me AGDing it.
Here's a speedrun...
Demo Data

the start

was freaking brilliant.

5aved for me too

But i just couldn't make a AGD demo

This is awesome.

Amazing tiles and brilliant gameplay, I love it. 5aved