Cursed Estate

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Author brainstone
Tags adventure author:brainstone break-in ghosty rated
Created 2010-07-03
Last Modified 2010-07-03
by 6 people.
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Description Only a gauss and two floorguards guarding the estate - What could posssibly go wrong?

Rework of my last map and this one is ten thousand times better. Really hertbeat-making and scary at every time, more clean and not that overfilled using a better mechanism. Really... Ghosty.

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Demo Data
haha, the toilet was best. I liked the exit-blocking mechanism, too, I've also been using it in some of my maps.
well, nothing much to criticise. 4

now you owe me a rating ;)

I got stuck in the toilet. :D
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really cool

i was very impressed with the seeker pathing, that was a very effective idea and worked really well. aesthetics could be improved in some places though
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eaten everybody's demos :3
Demo Data

Demo data...

Demo Data


i saw, just doesn't look to appealing to me :)

it was different

which is really cool. 4
Demo Data

Almost got owned

at the very end, but I managed to get in.
Demo Data
that the jumppads form a toilet. ;)
Agreee with the trapdoors, though.

I liked the map

but the jump pads at the top and trap doors looked terrible imo. Nice though, 4.


your graph looks so similar to mine :P
but mine is cooler.

i liked the map, the enemies were placed perfectly. 4.