Bunker Hill

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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ bunker chaingun conen featured intense rated
Created 2010-07-03
Last Modified 2010-07-03
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description I made another map.

This one i like. A themed, high-intensity map. some cool flow to be found. I found some interesting flow in the end area, so i just left that last chamber bare so you guys could try and follow it to the best of your abilities.


Ded to Radium and Karmapolice

This map was featured on 2014-12-20

At one point the ninja was heavily equipped and drilled for operation in hostile bunkers, but after some battlefield hanky-panky with that devilish redheaded lieutenant in the 4th Battalion, the sudden call of duty has left him terribly unprepared! Help our hero conquer Bunker Hill using only your sharp wits, extreme athleticism, and prodigious skill in bed (although not all enemy agents are vulnerable to this particular skillset)! Remember, you're doing this for honor and country. And maybe a new set of clothes, as that lieutenant appears to have taken yours. And maybe you can get her number too. — PALEMOON

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Great map really fun to play :D 5/5
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Just 11 little frames slower than karmap0lice, I placed 1st and didn't watch his run yet, I think he uses the same route, I guess. I'll try to improve and take 0th tomorrow.
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Haha, no.

I played this map when I was allowed to go home for a few hours. However, I was discharged from hospital this morning. :)


he's using the heart rate monitor to play N.

Hey macro

Have you a laptop at the hospital?
But the rest is superb!
I was the opposite of Ferox; I liked much of the map except for the chaingun section. I think the chaingun was a poor choice. Maybe a laser drone would have been more consistent.
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good times
Only enjoyed the chaingun area. Cool tiles. 3/5

slow AGD
love this
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Also good choice. Looks easy, but they way that the chaingun and the rocket can access the later areas makes this a lot trickier than I initially thought.


yea d l;pve all of you!



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Agree with karma


this is a good map

i wouldn't say it was that intense though. Felt pretty normal to me.

i like the little chutes with the blue drones

and an agd, really fun map, messed up here and there, but doesn't matter, nicely made!
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thank yah thank yah

and two lovely demos gentlemen.
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:O thanks for the ded! :]
the maps fun too
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