The Abandoned House Next to the Jones'

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Author Cooby
Tags action author:cooby featured ghosty rated
Created 2010-07-07
Last Modified 2010-07-07
by 22 people.
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Description Be careful, little Bobby Jones. Your mother is watching you play in the yard. If she sees you go into that abandoned house she'll give you such a spanking when you get home. (If I were you, I'd make the exploration quick.)

An interesting take on the ol' KRA. For Ghosty. It is challenging.

This map was featured on 2011-11-04

Tricks and treats. Scary costumes. Creepy old men. These are the trials and rewards of a typical Halloween. And every year, that abandoned house down the road catches your eye. Some people believe that mounds of candy are stashed within its walls. Others warn all that awaits in there is pain and death. You want the candy. You devise a plan. It’s going to be rough. But hey, surely it’s all worth it for that savory saccharine sweetness?

Get in fast. Save the chocolate. Change your pants. It might just be the last thing you ever do. -NachoCheese [] — comments_on_wrong_maps

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But I also absolutely suck at KRAs.


I love kras,

And this one is quite well done.
maps, that if not featured, I would get frustrated and not play to completion.
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Woohoo. I can take it off my FW list now.


I botched that dash pretty bad. Pity there's no preview option.
review, but this is "A KRA with a magnificent wide open sandbox for frolicking and rocket dodging, this is well worth your time to explore."

this is epic..


fucking crazy! :o


Going on my feature-worthy list.


lord_day did this once before. This is a better map I think. A lot of fun.




Well, yes, if you enter the teleporter an entire tile off it will kill you.


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Cool map



do want me to start or you?


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