Suspension (Digitalife Remix)

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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 life-remixes pig2 unrated
Created 2010-07-07
Last Modified 2011-01-17
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Description Suspension []

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Awesome. 5


faster AGD
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so you can't accidentally fall through the one-ways? That would make sense. I wanted to offer freedom, though, allowing the player to skip bits, or go back if they so desired. I guess it works fine either way though.


Well, I made it so that you can't glitch your way through parts of the map. But thanks for the approval. :)
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This is great fun.

I can't get an AGD without being blown to bits though.

Hmm interesting

I still don't understand why you are suggesting I should have used inverted 5-tiles in my original map. But you've done well with this remix.


toughish map. I like the movement of the 5 tile gaps to allow you through the oneways.
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