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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading gold mines rated style
Created 2010-07-07
Last Modified 2010-07-07
by 6 people.
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Description If i could change my name I would change it to vendetta haha but i cant :P This map is my style and is the best map i have submitted in a long while. Wish me luck

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ive actually

just noticed it nice spot

dont no if yu meant

it or not but nice heart of gold
Title: Nights Peak (?)
Uploader: I don't care.
AGD below. I got lucky.
Demo Data


I'll do something out of it.

kinda good

annoyed though, because the thumb doesn't load every time I post an n-art :'(

welcome back.

i came back just yesterday from yellowstone. ps, it's sunset :P
but I'm leaving on a pretty long vacation tomorrow, so it wont happen for a while.

I like the contrast between the square tiles and the curvy gold here...nice to see you learned the curvy trick :)
lose some enemies and it would be awesome.


challenging. I thought there were a few too many enemies and mines in one area at a time for me to be collecting all that gold.