Thief in the Midst

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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 lasers romaniac southpaw universezero unrated
Created 2010-07-08
Last Modified 2011-01-15
Map Data

Description I made some funky tiles, Universezero morphed them into a more suitable tileset, remaniac added some other stuff, and then I blew them both off and did my own thing. Also, southpaw helped me quite a bit.

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Looks a little like

my old style :)

I completely

agree with ganteka with the oneways and the doors being a quick way of geting the player of the whole map. I don't think that lasers were the correct enemy for this map, even though they did work in some places. Perhaps a gauss near the start, because the gold down below there was a bit tedious, if anything.
Demo Data

This looks awesome.

5/5; really improved since I last saw it.
the only things i didn't like was that it seemed as far as one-ways and doors went, you sacrificed aesthetics for quick-fix gameplay mechanics. also, difficulty was all over the place (as in inconsistent) which was frustrating


like this but canĀ“t rate ^^