II - Naughts and Crosses [Nreality v2]

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 crosses naughts nreality puzzle rated
Created 2010-07-09
Last Modified 2010-07-11
by 39 people.
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I'm back after a 6 month break for my 50th map a remake of my popular Naughts and Crosses [] or Tic Tac Toe map as an Nreality image map. This is also the second part of my image map series that I'm currently calling project wonderful.

Game-play should be fairly intuitive as I used colour coding. You can choose to either go first or second this time (although in order to save time and lag and because I was running out of nreality triggers I had to limit your options if you choose to go first to one square of each type though this only affects orientation not gameplay). The AI does not use prefect play because people complained last time that you couldn't win. So it is possible to win in this time. A victory will bring you an agd, a draw will get you a completion and a loss will earn you a mine to the face. Enjoy!

Alternate versions

If you're having problems with lag/load-time here's much faster version with just the 'AI makes first move' logic. []

If you're having problems with lag/load-time here's slightly faster version with just the 'Player makes first move' logic. []

For an alternate colour scheme click here []

If you want to play as crosses click here []

Here's an earlier version without any 'fake' switches which may help you understand how the logic of the map is working but also gives it away a little play the proper version first []

no. 50

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i still like it




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First, you clearly don't know anything about computers as the OS only decides for an infinitely small part of the speed at wich your computer works, the cpu and ram are much more important, as are the hard drive/solid state drive and the motherboard. Secondly, i'm running on Win7 and it still lags.

ps. 5/5 for the concept =)


that's all i can say.

(oh, and i can also say "very laggy, but awesome")


i actually tried one of the other versions but i didnĀ“t work... never mind, nice work...
bunch of people experiencing lag about the links in the description sorry if you felt like I was advertising but I went to the effort to make them just for people like you :)


i can win it, but how do i get agd?
Demo Data

It looks awesome

But its unplayable on my laptop. A shame :(
can't get up the first wall... lol
must be incredibly awesome, as I read the comments...
hard work for sure.


my computer lags


great level,but is too lag im my computer,but this is a awesome level 5/5 =D


I'll have to come back to this in 5 years or so when my CPU meets the minimum requirements for this map...


even though i suck at tic-tac-toe this is a really innovative idea. Maybe in the future you could do something like color-coded doors that'd be neat
u guys got like win98


Pretty easy. Also, my comp is super fast so I experience no lag! :D


The concept is really nice and very well realised.
Personally, there was about a year, i've Learn this game for fun. I'm a big fan of simple logic games and this game is incredible. I've just test all the possibilities and understand how to win in each case, or make a draw if possible.

I've had a lot of fun with this map, really. I know you've ake long long time for make a level like that. Hope it will be selected for the Dronies Nreality map of year 2010 ;)
Please keep your work with Nreality and normal map

this is the laggiest thing I have ever played
but really, really cool! XD

first couple games

were great, but then it began to laaaaaaaagggg....
and I have a shizzling dual core processor.

nice concept and colorfully executed.


That's very fun,5aved!!!

Feature it!

Awesome map! 5/5.


nice idea



I was browsing your maps 2 days ago wondering when you'd ever come back!!!

This is by far

the best nreality map I've ever seen.

looks awesome

but my computer was too slow for it. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.
One of the best concept maps of the year, I agree.


too mutch information my pc coulden't handel it . . . it didn't crash butt it went frame by fram :(
same would enyoi playing this map
5/5 because everione else gave it a 5 so yeah good job

Oh my.

One of the most inventive maps I've seen. Well done.


know about thoze movie maps?I believe FusionCoil made one once, you should make one too, just longer =).

thanks guys

yeah yokola those maps are cool I do have a somewhat epic tile-drone map in the works though its not quite like that we'll see I love prisoner maps.


I want you to use this concept

Slow AGD

Yay, beat the AI. Awesome map. It must have taken some serious time and effort to make this. Welcome back and happy 50th.
Demo Data

god darn it.

this is some hard shit.


that computer is a smart bastard

You scipted the map awesomly.
Nothing to add, this map is awesome and I would suggest it to make it the map of the year, because it features nreality works.


you're back! it's sunset/seventhspirit :P