Marooned Outpost

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Author da_guru
Tags action author:da_guru marooned playable rated retile rm2
Created 2010-07-09
Last Modified 2010-07-09
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description See what emerged from nothingness at this forsaken place. Nobody knows which creatures might lurk around here. Watch your step.

For retromorphosis. Credits to metanet for most of the object set.

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Really good map, played surprisingly well. Good take on Metanet map. 4
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Demo Data

Faster AGD

By quite a bit. Loved this map too. 5aved.
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Much faster AGD

plays extremely better that I would have guessed. That being said it's not nearly as pretty as I expect from you :P

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I thank you for enjoying my maps.


This map has a nice flow but it seems pretty empty.

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Demo Data


I don't like that launchpad. With regards to [] There are links to simpler versions which don't lag in the description.

very fun map.

4. the gauss and floorguard was good, as well as the drone-movements.

i've never thought

it was such a funny map when i just saw the thumbnail :]