Dear NUMA...

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Author diminishedD6
Tags author:diminishedd6 rated tileset
Created 2010-07-11
Last Modified 2010-07-11
by 9 people.
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Description Seriously.

Ratings enabled. Hopefully others will agree and keep this up for these lazy asses to see.

If you're guilty, you Will be linked.

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Firstly, I did not make those tiles except for the ship and the lighthouse which did not have any trees. Secondly, They aren't Atob trees anyway. Take a closer look.


:3 []

I agree


here are some alternatives for those small trees []


Looks like others didn't agree and decided to throw this way off the hot maps page.




firetamer 2

challenge accepted


Those are just short ATOB trees

A Retile

:D []
/ \
/ \

Make a tileset that has two dozen ways to make a tree of that relative size. I think it looks good no matter how much it is used.

It's a good tree

It's also the most efficient and aesthetic.

Here's the trees (I made the far left, BTW)


that rocket was hard.
Demo Data
second, there's like two dozen ways to make trees of that relative size. Its so over done, I'm sick of seeing it. If anyone has an inability to make a new pine tree, ask and I will help.

why not.. ??

it's a good tile three
so what if you invented it.. or something..
if so you had a good idea and others liked it and they used it
what's so bad in that