Castlevania 4 Level 14: The Halls of Stone

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator cv4 medium rockets unrated wbc
Created 2010-07-12
Last Modified 2010-07-12
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Description Nathan sat in what must have been a garden shed on what must have been the outskirts of the estate, he was glad for the rest, for between soldiers, haunted mansions, and bizzare gardens... he hadn't had much time to rest.

Nathan got up, and walked to the door, although the key was in the lock, the door did not budge. The door must have rusted shut. He'd need to find a long handled garden tool to bust the door down.

back into the CV series. I also felt like typing more than a few sentances for the story. Anyway a boss-level is in sight, so just be patient. Don't forget the rate, commment, and post demos. THANKS! :)

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I didn't like the first two rockets, it was too cramped for them. The first mechanic was cool, and the one with the oneways and thwump was awesomly done. 3/5
and the aspect of traps are really cool, but i think that the first rocket was horribly placed and that the drones didnt do much.