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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 chainguns dda unrated
Created 2010-07-12
Last Modified 2011-04-11
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Description Ninja, you face eight chaingun drones, without any shelter. Godspeed.

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I love close calls with chainguns, but just, wow.
DDA's ive ever seen...

Well done, bro.


and awesome DDA, man. Really skilfully done.
to be firing repeatedly, then you merely have to set them off at different times. This can be easly done with locked doors. after about a second of the DDA, release a couple of chainguns, so that they are charging while the others are firing.

Also why no ratings? Ratings are needed to keep a map on Hot Maps. Another reason for bitesizing to be implemented.

Oh yeah,

Happy 50th


Did you press '1' before watching? When you watch a DDA in Ned, press one. However, if you just copy the data produced by NUMA and paste it into the 'userlevels' box, it saves you the need to press '1.'

And 999 frames for the win.


Demo Data


this works about 1/10 of the time.
took 4+ times before he dodged the 2nd round of bullets...
It's cool like anything to dodge chaingun fire. I'm impressed especially from it being a pure thwump dda, which means that no fire is blocked. I also liked how you used the tiles to your advantage. 999 frames is disappointing. 1k frames would have been 10x awesome-er. 5.

Agree with T3chno.
Demo Data
Which limits the amount of people who can/will watch it.


the ratings!!!! This map is coolio!


Demo Data


But the thing about chain-gun DDAs I've noticed is the pause between different rounds of fire. If you could make a DDA where there's one chaingun or another continually firing to make it seem more hectic, that'd be great.

This DDA is still neat, though. :P

And by fun I mean

It's fun to watch the ninja dodge bullets in all which way directions.

Very fun.