I Spy

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Tags author:ndeavour dda featured ghosty moderate rated tower-loop towerloop
Created 2010-07-13
Last Modified 2010-07-13
by 31 people.
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Description I spy an angel, an old broken throne,
a crown, a tree, a scary cyclone,
four grey ghosts, a house, a skull,
look out for them all, this tileset is hell.

This map was featured on 2013-10-15

I spy mountains perfect for skiing

Swirling tunnels direct to the finish
Path one, elongated fun - path two, something new
Yes, I spy mountains perfect for skiing

I spy a landscape of wonder

Shards of marvelous carved rock
Presentation of a thrilling yet relaxing playground
Yes, I spy a landscape of wonder — 123leonidas321

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Naww, cheers for the feature. :)
I just happened to be stopping by for a quick browse and it was quite a shock to see my map on the homepage!
I remember this, nice one c:


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cool review leo, cool map nD :D
my featuring skills are rusty. But ya know, I'm still around.

I'll try to keep reviewing on this account even though I've switched over to RedSpartan.
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Can't do it as fast as you.
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AGD. every time i play this i wonder why i didnt fave it. so i will. 5aved.
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i liked everything about it 5/5
Pretty damn cool. Whether or not this has been done many times before, it's new to me. 5/5
Just fun making people think I'm some depressed suicidal schizophrenic guy.
Pretty nice one too. c:
another dragon, a continuous landscape, somebody lying down. As for getting something featured/noticed, I'm sure you could whip up something. Even something as noticable as this would be fine. I'm asking you about this because you've done it before and are evidently very good creating tiles.

hey, hey, map idea

similar to your dragon, what if you made three or more maps that join together horizontally, so that they all join together on the display of the past 6 maps. Then make the next map a featured one and everyone will see the art!


... Wow... Just wow... How did you manage to... wow.


I remember the old I spy books. They were always so well used at my primary school.




your avatar

Beat dawiki, speedrun.
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loads of fun :)
you could have told me.

I found everything

except the broken throne. I was quite impressed with the skull.
Impressive tiles. Gameplay confused me, but it was a good riddle to solve how to get to both exit and switch. 4.5^


I don't know what else to say XD

No-one's doing the ISpy :(
I spent a good 30 minutes on all the poems on this page.


I wish you hadn't spammed 2 tiles. That's my only dislike though.
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truetrees [] aren't ;)
This has got to be the best looking towerloop ever.

Nice tree ;D

But I think the tree concept is a lil bit overdone by now -.-''


First off, that tileset is pretty epic. I also like how this opens from a classic towerloop concept to an action map. It's a shame you can't really see how close you dodge the drones during the towerloop portion without watching in fbf, because that's really awesome. The playable part of the map wasn't really fun for me, the gameplay felt kinda choppy. Anyways, faved.
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This'll probably win. 5aved


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I'm glad my contributon is appreciated.


Thanks BluePretzel and foreshadow. Also, I need to thank Life247 (Who this was intended to be a collab with but never happened), viil (Who this was also a collab with but failed as I didn't take his edit ♥), romaniac (For playtesting throughout the process and also editing minor bits), ratatat (Also playtesting and editing), Bio (Because he looked at an early version of the tower-loop and said it was awesome), Orange (Because at one point he edited the tower-loop so that the ninja slid down a slope) and probably heaps of other people.


I can spot the angel, the throne, the tree, the cyclone, the house and the skull. I think I can see the crown and the broken throne but have no idea where the four grey ghosts are supposed to be. Wow, that starting was amazing. I didn't know you could be propelled through tiles like that.


Choose the route you think is best,
The scenic journey beats the rest.


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nuff said. Tiles are sick too. Well done!