indigo Smoke

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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 brttrx collab race rated sunset
Created 2010-07-13
Last Modified 2010-07-13
by 6 people.
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Description Brttrx made the tileset, I added Brttrx-ish objects, sunset then jazzed them up along with the tiles. A significant amount of playtesting later, this is what I came up with. WARNING: linear. Get over it.

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What did you do to it? The extra launchpads ruined it! The angled one down the bottom was good because you had to hit on the right spot to get all the gold, now you can't miss the gold. There used to be good timing with the laser, where you had to do a chimney off the launchpad up to the exit key to avoid setting it off, so you could go safely back down without having to wait. Now the laser is useless and pathetic. Same sort of thing with the penultimate launchpad. What was wrong with the bounceblock? It did just fine, and you had to do the right jump to get all the gold. Now with a launchpad there, you cannot miss the gold. So what then is it's purpose? The launchpad at the end seems really hastily included too, when a tile or moving the drone would have been sufficient.

You had something great, fun and difficult, but this is just so disappointing now.
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Speedrun, I didn't really like how launchpads were used to change direction, but there wasn't much else you could use. Pretty good 4!
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