Before you think I was dead...

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Author brainstone
Tags action agd author:brainstone classic playable rated
Created 2010-07-13
Last Modified 2010-07-13
by 5 people.
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Description here is a map for you, inspired by the old times.

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wp !

Fun with rockets...


Demo Data

Name: Orion
Code: 523 afaik
go Zerg! >:D




It's extremely fun to do this at the beginning:
Demo Data


looks like old school. very fun map. solid 4

rate? []

Also 179,

Black Lion made a map using it a few months ago. I have to agree with you, though.

Abstract, fun, and epic. I need to see this is the actual game. 5aved
great stuff. I wonder why the 1-tile-next-to-thwump mechanic fell out of general use. I've always thought it fun.

This is like

the most fun map i've played. 5aved