Myriads of Black

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru bats blackcastle discoverthetruth featured ghosty playable rated
Created 2010-07-13
Last Modified 2010-07-13
by 22 people.
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Description You're overcome by a strange feeling as you enter this dark place. It is too dark, it is too silent, it seems so peaceful yet so suspicious. The front door opens with a creak, behind it there's nothing but even darker darkness distinguishable. A murmuring from inside breaks the silence. You screw up all of your courage and take some steps towards the source of the noise, when you suddenly realise thousands of pairs of eyes staring down at you. The flapping of wings back up the fact, that you're not alone. The next moment you see myriads of black arrows diving through the cold night air, aimed directly at your body. But all colours will agree in the dark. So get yourself out of the light, or darkness will benight you forever.

This map was featured on 2011-11-02

and they haul their heads from the downtrodden miry
in demand of that map so dreary and terrifying
lest they desist our features, to us so inspiring
The horror, the horror!

but the imminence of danger in the deepest confines
wrought by unseen enemies and prudently placed mines
ere a backdrop of fluttering wings, a fearful design
This is the map to placate them. — comments_on_wrong_maps

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Fantastic map.


well deserved

This is a cool map

Well worthy of a feature, congrats!



This means a lot to me, c_o_w_m, since this is one of my personal favourites from my archive. Was your comment meant to be about NachoCheese's inofficial Cooby feature? Your not-commenting-on-the-right-maps-concept confuses me.


Amazing map

this is stupid


I like this.
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First Try AGD


Demo Data


thought of using your review as a stopgap measure, but unfortunately, I'm not terribly a fan of that map. Just don't feel like the open space was used very effectively, the one-ways didn't appeal very much to me. Nevertheless, nice review :)

Similar aesthetic

To this map [] of mine. And I like this aesthetic. I'll try to come back tomorrow to play and rate it. :D
Excellent, just excellent.

Every part of this map works perfectly, and conceptually it's fantastic as well. 5 and favourited.
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(-) Cheating chainguns, fake tiles.
(+) Perfectly worked gausses, extra challenge providing golds.

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and now...

Please rate [].


Why are the chainguns able to shoot the moment you`re getting the first switch and how did you create these fake walls?
but this is really fun actually. 4aved
but this is really fun actually. 4aved

confused... but i like it 4


Great concept,

not so great surrounding map :/

@ Dawiki

I don't think I am the only one. I've just started with that recently, because my maps seemed to get very little attention.


Those trick walls in the exit switch area annoy me. I've stuck there numerous times. :/

I will

continue mapping, but I'm very slow with that... Did you know that your the only mapper thats asks everywhere for rates? :P Its fun 2,5^^^=5

Inspired's demo. All Gold.
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1/2 AGD

Very innovative use of the NAN'd trapdoors. Your opening story was quite nice too. 4
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can chainguns shoot through trapdoor glitches? cool.


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