Enter...IF YOU DARE!

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Author diminishedD6
Tags author:diminishedd6 ghosty rated
Created 2010-07-14
Last Modified 2010-07-14
by 9 people.
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Description Muwahahahahahaha

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have left this as a tileset :P


IS THIS BULLSHIT. I had a demo to go with this comment, but then I quit out of NReality. Anyways, that rocket there, sue it's ass. IT FUCKING WENT THROUGH A DOOR. WTF ROCKET.

I win

i left the house
Demo Data

I thought the gameplay was fine until I got inside the house. As bluePretzel alluded to, it is too cramped for the type of enemies you have used. Rockets rarely work well in small spaces. Either don't have any enemy or use a less imposing one, like a gauss or mine. If you are having trouble with getting your gameplay right, think carefully about what you enjoy playing and try to recreate those sorts of elements in your maps. Also, in my opinion, it's better to err on the side of making the gameplay too easy than too hard.

the RF deduction

epic tiles, poor object placement.


can't get past that zap drone

God, BluePretzel

If I could rate your comment 5 stars, I would. Not just because you complimented the tiles to the point of making me blush, but you gave me some real solid advice that I'll definitely take to heart. Thanks man

Okay then

Well, I think you get the point. These tiles are f*cking brilliant. It's a 3D, to-scale model of an 1800's mansion. Ace.
The gameplay itself, well, I'm not really a fan. It feels sorta cramped, but that's expected with this sort of tiles. Personally, I think classing it as an N-art tileset would be the way to go. I mean, bloody beautiful, this one is.

PESONALLY, and this may just be me saying it, but this would make a better highscorer than action. I just don't liked cramped action maps (rockets placed in small spaces, multiple enemies placed in small spaces etc). Placing a few pieces of gold down the bottom, a bit of gold and the exit at the top, maybe a floorguard or two to patrol the bottom, and a gauss guarding a big lot of gold would be the way I would go. A few mines to protect the exit, but making it much harder to get all of the gold then to finish (in comparison, not difficulty).

4/5 on this. Tileset scores an instant 5, but the gameplay, although still good, brings the average down.
There's my advice. Enjoy.


happens to me a lot as well.

And Then

People rate without saying anything to justify it. That's bullshit IMO
but rare is it that someone has actual advice on how to make gameplay better.
Doesn't play well though
but this was fun to make, I don't care what you guys say.